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(Note: This is going to contain quite a few generalisations about several cultures. I have attempted to keep things reasonably concise without overlooking any relevant points, but please bear in mind that there are always such things as variance and globalising influences and whatnot.

It’s also largely speculative, as I’m really not an expert; I’ve just picked up various bits and pieces over the years.)

Collectivist societies such as Japan and individualist societies such as the US tend to have very different stances on a lot of things - including, of course, yandere. Beyond that, however, there will also be similarities - whether due to human nature, cultural exchange, or pure coincidence.

This post is primarily an examination of how people in these contrasting cultures may have different reasons for reacting negatively to the idea of yandere. (I have the beginnings of a post on how they present yandere characters drafted for later.)

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Anonymous asked

Could you write an article on some of the differences in western and eastern yanderes? I know one difference is it seems that male yanderes are more prominent in the west (probably why I was surprised that male yanderes are uncommon in manga/anime), whereas in manga/anime it seems as if females are more likely to be yandere, not saying exceptions don't exist. Anyway, I just thought it might be interesting to write about ^^. (Sorry for my awkwardness).

…Oh my, this just reminded me that I’ve had an article like this in the works for… I really can’t remember how long. ^^;

I’ll get back to it as soon as I can. It’s turning out to be quite the long post, as you might expect.

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Observations on yandere in other types of love

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

If we don’t limit the love in yandere to romantic love, then we end up with a much wider variety of characters and storylines that we can call “yandere”. Some of them are generally accepted by the fandom and others are generally rejected, but it should be interesting to take a look.

Familial love

This seems to occur most often as twisted and excessive motherly love.

- Precia Testarossa, from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, is widely recognised as yandere for her deceased daughter.

- The narrator of RURUTIA’s song Itoshigo Yo (My Beloved Child) is, with a sufficiently literal interpretation, another widely recognised example of familial yandere.

- Ritsuka’s mother, Aoyagi Misaki from Loveless, is less-known, but she’s quite noticeably yandere in at least one scene, with hints in her other appearances.

- Ryuuguu Rena from Higurashi, the community’s favourite example of a yangire mislabelled as yandere, could easily qualify as this both in her backstory and in Tsumihoroboshi-hen, where she goes to great lengths to protect her father.

- Alfred Drevis, from Mad Father, is an unusual example of a yandere father.


This is usually played for comedy and may characterise characters who have been raised in isolation.

- Kaizuka Hiroko, from Narutaru (not to be confused with Naruto), may be the most clear-cut example.

- Miyu Edelfelt, from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, is remarkably possessive of Illya, although I don’t recall her being insane over it.

- Arguably Aragaki Ayase from OreImo for Kirino.

- Mary, from Ib, likely has this attitude towards Ib herself.

- Perhaps many yandere lolis for their “onii-chans”, if they’re too young to be capable of romantic love.


This is essentially excessively obsessive or possessive behaviour towards a celebrity or a fictional character.

- Annie Wilkes, from Misery, is a fine non-Japanese example of someone who can be considered yandere for a fictional character.

- Me-Mania, from Perfect Blue, is probably one of the most well-known examples of an erotomaniac in anime.

- Midou Masatake, from Psycho-Pass, does not take kindly to his virtual celebrities betraying their public images.

Benevolent love (agape)/Non-romantic admiration/Hobbies or careers

I can’t really think of any examples for these, but they should be interesting.

Can anyone think of any other examples of non-romantic yandere?

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Anonymous asked

can i become a yandere in real life.

It’s possible, certainly. If you look at the news, you’ll find that it’s unusual for a week (maybe even a day) to go by without some sort of murder-for-love incident.

(It’s been quite a while, so this might be a long post. I’ll get around to answering some of the other questions eventually.)

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How to draw stereotypical yandere images

(Submitted by )

I made a little thing https://mangosteenki.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/yandere-art-academy/

I’m not trying to offend anyone though. I’ve been a big fan of the character type for years.

Also, I occasionally post doodles/drawings of yandere. Be it fanart or OCs. And most of my stories involve at least one yandere.

I-I hope you notice me, sempai o///o

(…Oh my, this is a neat idea. =ω= It seems to cover pretty much all the yandere images out there - well, to be fair, I can’t really think of any clear ways to represent yandere aside from one or more of these. ^^;

Thank you for your submission! -Amy)

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The maiden’s heart is clear as glass…

…and just as easily broken.

Someone on Y2F mentioned that yandere characters could be thought of as broken glass, and I thought it was an interesting enough idea to blog about.

(I’m also becoming increasingly tempted to try to use reinforced concrete as a motif in a yandere story. ^^; Ah, perhaps this is what happens when you read too much about materials. Next, maybe I’ll start thinking of yandere fabric weaves. Maybe something easily frayed, like chiffon?)

Anyway, ahem.

Yandere and glass

The traditional Yamato Nadeshiko-based yandere might be like tempered glass. Forged in a hotter fire, it appears to be stronger than most people by most measures, but the stress within plants the seeds for spontaneous shattering into loads of tiny pieces. Loads and loads of them. Perhaps this description matches Fuyou Kaede for the relative harmlessness of the pieces, or perhaps it matches Matou Sakura for the sheer amount of mess involved.

The playful yandere loli might be your regular annealed glass, easily broken by external forces to produce rather pointy pieces. The loli is the most likely to be pointlessly (pun unintended) violent, after all. It might be possible for them to break cleanly, though - perhaps like Saya, who snaps along a single line, becoming harshly possessive without exploding into a shower of kitchen knives. Maybe “betrayal” from their lover is like an impact, while the cruelty of the world is like thermal stress.

A well-adjusted yandere would be like laminated glass, since they can hold themselves together despite being broken  - although you’d need to watch for delamination, and the occasional fragment might fall.

(On a completely unrelated note, Rena did go around breaking all the windows in her school at one point, but that’s all I can think of at the moment in terms of glass being broken in anime and related media.)

…I wonder what kind of yandere would be mirrored glass? Tinted glass? Translucent glass? …Water glass? Hmm, water-soluble yanderes…

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pinknutmegg asked

Would you consider Kaga Kyoko from Golden Time a Yandere?

I haven’t gotten around to watching or reading Golden Time myself, but as far as I can tell, Kouko probably counts as a yandere character. She says some pretty yandere things from time to time, especially early on, and her behaviour towards Mitsuo is certainly possessive enough.

Aside from that, though, what do my followers think?

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Anonymous asked

Hello! I have two questions! I want to make a really realistic yandere-type character, so do you have some tips on how to do that, if possible, please? Also, is Yuno Gasai an unrealistic yandere?

I… was going to write a relatively brief answer, but then it grew. Ah, well - this answer is going to need a title. ^^;

I’m not an expert in writing, by any means, but I hope this post will be useful.

How to create realistic yandere characters (and why Yuno probably isn’t one)

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I’ve waited almost an entire year to post this. ^^;
Happy pi approximation day!
- Amy

I’ve waited almost an entire year to post this. ^^;

Happy pi approximation day!

- Amy

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Anonymous asked

Are you no longer doing this series? It's been a year...

Oh. Um… Well. ^^; It seems like the situation is sufficiently dire that I can’t even really tell which series you’re referring to.

There are loads of little series that I haven’t updated for a while. Yandere Squared is one of them, of course, but there are also things like Yandere in 100 Words, or the Yandere Notebook project, or My Girlfriend is a Yandereologist, or… The Components of a Yandere series, if anyone even remembers that.

I don’t have a set update plan for any of them, but it’ll be a while before I’m likely to update most of them.

- The webcomic might still gain the occasional strip, but they’ll probably be few and far between.

- Yandere in 100 Words will be updated whenever I get an interesting enough idea.

- I got stuck at one particular part of the plot of the Notebooks, so it’ll take a bit of research before I can continue it.

- I’ve actually written quite a bit more for MGY, so I can actually just find a place to trim the chapter and work on its continuation (and eventual ending) separately.

- As for Components, I really have no idea.

In the meantime, I have a couple of answers to questions to ponder, as well. Please excuse any delays. ^^;

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Welcome to the blog accompaniment to Yandere Squared, the 4-koma series!

This is a blog about all things yandere. You can find a bunch of original and collected yandere stories and poems here - about 60 in total - as well as original, collected and/or translated articles and essays on yandere.