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I have a question... Do you have any good recommendations for animes with yanderes? I've always been fascinated with this type of -dere, and I wanna watch some animes with them (I'm currently watching School Days) but I don't know which animes would be good. xD

It really depends on what you like most in your yandere content. I’ll see if I can put together a masterlist, of sorts.

This will be updated as I run into more good (or otherwise interesting) yandere anime. Please feel free to send in thoughts of your own!

Yandere Anime Recommendations (categorised)

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Yendere is the future!

In the aftermath of the infamous and highly controversial anime known as School Pays, we can no longer deny that the future of the -dere family lies in the new phenomenon of yendere - characters who become lovestruck at the scent of money.

This character type has long been present, but mostly as a joke or in fanon; see the Touhou fandom’s interpretation of Hakurei Reimu, for instance. However, School Pays is the only series thus far to have used yendere as its main focus - and given it a serious treatment.

The potential of this character type is revealed by the powerful ending of School Pays, which gave the series its fame - when the protagonist’s second scholarship application fails, out of her own kindness, his childhood friend Shekai gives him all of her savings in the form of a 10000 yen note (and, in effect, buys herself a slave) - thus ending the story on a Nice Note.

The Nice Note ending shows that even in something as shallow-sounding as yendere, we can see depth in the characters - our protagonist, Monkoto, rejects Kyatonoha despite her wealthy family background and instead chooses Shekai, who offers him all that she has at the moment when he most needs it.

In light of this new trend, I have started planning a new series, Yendere Squared - about the childhood friends Akşami and Shinpay, who pledge eternal love to each other…’s money.

A plot summary follows:

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Is there an Email I can use to email a question I don't want published

Of course. It’s - feel free to send any questions over. I won’t publish them.

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Saya no Uta is a yandere story

(Cross-post from Yandere^2 Forums.)

It’s interesting that although the yandere qualities in Saya no Uta weren’t obvious to me at first, I haven’t seen anyone dispute the claim that Fuminori and Saya were yandere until recently. Just in case, though, here’s a post we can refer to, outlining key moments in which we can perceive the yandere qualities of Fuminori and Saya.

Unmarked spoilers below.

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Can someone claim to be yandere and still be yandere? In a joking manner but they really are? Would it all come down to whether they can live up to the name? Like not a "WHOAH YUNO GASAI" level yandere, but one that stalks occasionally and attempts to scare away competition?

I’ve just written up a post about this claiming-to-be-yandere phenomenon, and what I see in it.

It’s interesting how the word “yandere” has become something to “live up to”. Perhaps this is a side effect of the unusually strict hold that the English-speaking fandom seems to have over the definition of “yandere”. If we look around at other communities, even the Japanese one, people seem to be less exact about it.

(…And perhaps that, in turn, is a side effect of our habit of seeing connotations to yandere, to taking it a bit more seriously than is perhaps intended. It would be interesting to contrast the popular reaction to yandere with the popular reaction to the Overly Attached Girlfriend, for example. Hmm…)

Whoops, the topic.


Claiming to be yandere and displaying yandere behaviour aren’t mutually exclusive. I would expect more yandere-like behaviour than the average member of the human race from a yandere-claimant of any sort, just by the fact that they know about and identify with the term “yandere”.

Those who joke about being yandere - the more common variety, I think - are more likely to be those who see the “fun” side of yandere, as I outlined in the post. They might be a lighter and fluffier version, the sort more likely to accept their feelings of jealousy and give them greater sway over their decisions, but not extremely enough to become part of a tragic news headline in the near future.

It might be best to view yandere-ism (yanderism?) as a spectrum of thoughts and behaviours, where, especially in real life, the boundary blurs somewhere in the middle between dedicated and obsessive, between interested and stalkerish, between normal and paranoid jealousy.

In this way, anyone in a relationship could have a certain yandere index, which we can regard as “actually yandere” beyond a certain point yet to be defined. Also, yandere-claimants would have a quantitative measure of their own yandere-ness.

…Although, of course, having an index like that would probably encourage people to exaggerate their normal yandere tendencies. Is that really a good idea?

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What is your opinion about people who claims to be 'Yandere'? (I think it is rather foolish especially those to people who hasn't the 'obsessive love' syndrome.. Or to those who simply wanna be classified as such because they're jealous and such.)

A quick note on obsessive love:

As far as I can tell, the concept of obsessive love as a disorder is a quite recent theory being promoted by a small subset of people in the field of psychology, as you can probably tell by how the Wikipedia page looks. It remains to be seen whether it’ll actually hold up as a disorder in, say, the next edition of the ICD.

(Probably not - there have already been complaints about the DSM removing grief as an exclusion criterion for depression. Including a disorder like this could lead to accusations of trying to medicalise love, and I suspect that the reaction would be considerably more violent.)

Somehow, the concept of “obsessive love disorder” has really taken root in the yandere community, far more so than it has in psychology. This is understandable, but it would need a post of its own to discuss properly. Perhaps we should simply be wary of putting too much credence on it just yet - not while it still has little research behind it. As a personal framework for analysis, though, it has the potential to be useful.

…Anyway, I’m not the best person to request opinions from, as you might know if you’ve been following this blog for a while. Still, this claiming-to-be-yandere thing has been an interesting phenomenon. It’s possible to understand on many levels, so I’d like to discuss this a bit further.


On the phenomenon of self-identifying as yandere

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(Submitted by a cute yandere imouto named Kimeko.)

I wonder where I went wrong.
Was it lending her my pen?
Making jokes only we could hear? Hushed tones with stifled giggles hidden behind the candy.
Was it the time I told her she had ink on her forehead and she rubbed it off with her mousey hand, thanking me for telling her? No one else would have told her she said.
Only I would.
We’re friends, I said, of course I’d tell you. I worried for a second that I had come on too strong.
She just shrugged her tiny shoulders and smiled thanking me before sauntering off. It was all ok then. If she was smiling it was all ok.
Is she smiling now? Somewhere else?
Having just started at the store, no one but her had really talked to me more than the required amount. No one was really rude except that one manager every store has; It was all just business. They could smell the nerd on me and wanted none of it.
Not her.
She was warm and welcoming. Very frail in stature with her long flat brown ponytail she always reminded me of a doe. Her eyes were too big for her head in a way that always seemed like she was apologizing. Her tiny voice never varied in volume or pitch. Always had the same sorrowful tone of her face. When she told me she loved horses I was not at all surprised. She seemed that type. I could picture her room just from looking at her. Shades of different pretty pastels, riding ribbons hanging on a string showcasing her prowess on the backs of beasts, and framed glittering images of the old Wests’ wild horses flowing down hills like untamed water. The same bed she’s has since grade school with its shiny brass frame in the same place housing the same plushies it has since the day she brought them home. I could picture her picking them up nicely and sitting them all in the bottom corner and settling her fragile frame into the mattress. Not even heavy enough to make a dent.
Now that I’m in here, it’s a lot different from I expected.
She always seemed like a pink or a sky blue type girl to me and not this pale yellow. Subdued hues but not this drab. At least the tarp on the floor is a welcomed bit of color.
I noticed when things started to change.
I didn’t know her well, so I assumed it was just her showing me more of herself. I was happy. I don’t have any friends and this cute foal was accepting me. She was letting me in. Past the shell of sadness she gave off and into her real thoughts. She hated working with people just like I did. She would start talking about customers that annoyed her, things they did, who they were, and all the times they had bothered her. She never cursed, though. I don’t think she has it in her to curse. Ugly language doesn’t suit her. The way she talked with her head tilts and her slight sad smiles wasn’t made for swearing. Only light flowery language. Her words always seemed like ballerinas barely touching the ground. Each one hung in the air and I felt like I could almost touch them, but never would reach. They were too high above me. Our schedules started overlapping every day.
I would see we had the same shift and I would feel excitement rise in me. Count the hours then the minutes until she arrived. I always watched the door that last half hour before she pranced in. She was always about ten minutes early. She would spend that ten minutes checking out in my line (she always bought the same granola bars - banana ones, sometimes chocolate milk and once an orange Gatorade). We chatted all the hours we worked together. About everything and nothing. She would clock out for break then come to my register and stand behind me, continuing our talk on her own time. I felt important.
I started to have these weird thoughts. She was a little messy; always leaving water bottles everywhere - her only real flaw. Going on a register after her you would find half-dozen plastic totems. Whenever I would find one of her unfinished bottles, I would feel this urge to drink them. Finish what she left. Connect with her even more. Something as essential as her water. Sharing that primitive need to drink. I would talk myself out of it. Worried for my sanity.
I wanted to know more about her. All about her. I found out about her family: Very well off, dad actually a CEO of the store we worked for. He would come in secretly and buy wine to inspect the store. She would warn me ahead of time so I was extra polite. She looked nothing like her mother. A bleached blonde overworked with a scalpel and spray tan as if to flaunt her wealth. A pear shaped leather sack. None of those beautiful delicate features her daughter ended up with hidden among the stitches.
She lives out in the boonies an hour away or so.
Needed room for the horses.
It’s really quiet out here.
I haven’t heard a single car pass by this whole time. The clock says it’s evening but it’s hard to tell with the windows blocked. I’m hoping she comes back soon.
I miss her. I want to see her. Where is she?
Rope is a lot heavier than it looks. In games people just toss it around so it always seemed weightless. This stuff must weigh a good fifteen pounds and this chair sucks. It wouldn’t be so bad if there were pictures of her on the walls. She doesn’t have any pictures of herself hanging.
Just all ones of me.

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Hi! Absolutely love love LOVE (lovelovelovelove ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣) your blog. And I have a question. Say a yandere falls in love with a yandere? And the second yandere loves the first yandere back? That would be the perfect relationship, right? I'm asking because I'm a yandere (though not to the extreme extent.) and I absolutely love other yanderes, and my friend said I was crazy when I told her it would be the perfect relationship so I wanted to hear your opinion.

(Apologies to those of you who sent in questions ages ago - I’m still writing the answers, to be honest. ^^;)

I’m surprised how many questions I’ve been getting about these. ^^; Hence:

A brief foray into yandere x yandere relationship dynamics

Many people, upon encountering the concept of yandere, wonder whether a relationship between two yanderes would be more optimal than, say, a yandere-victim relationship, or even a normal relationship. This post should give an overview of directions to think in when considering how well a particular double yandere relationship would work - after all, every relationship is different. (Except, perhaps, in cookie-cutter fiction.)

There have been some fictional models of yandere x yandere relationships, the most famous of which is probably Saya no Uta. Aside from that, Yandere Squared itself is based on a lighthearted interpretation of it. Even the Sermon mentions that “DOUBLE YANDERE LOVE IS THE TRUEST LOVE.”

With all the nuances of yandere, though, there could be many different outcomes.

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The Portrait’s Everyday (Ib, after Together Forever, Mary POV)


(Author’s note: Requested by magic9mushroom. I’m sorry it took so long. It’s been interesting to write - and I think this is the longest story I’ve finished in quite a while.)

Summary: Ib grew up. Mary didn’t. This is their life together today.

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The most extreme yandere

Think of the most extreme yandere you can imagine. How do they treat their love interests? How do they find and deal with rivals? How do they affect the rest of the world?

Here’s my attempt:

A partner who chains you up in their basement (wallpapered with photos of you, of course, with a carpet braided from your hair and lampshades made from your toenail clippings) and attempts to read your mind to detect who else you may be thinking about, then dispose of them one by one in a very baffling serial murder case.

What did you come up with?

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Welcome to the blog accompaniment to Yandere Squared, the 4-koma series!

This is a blog about all things yandere. You can find a bunch of original and collected yandere stories and poems here - about 60 in total - as well as original, collected and/or translated articles and essays on yandere.