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Would you consider Kaga Kyoko from Golden Time a Yandere?

I haven’t gotten around to watching or reading Golden Time myself, but as far as I can tell, Kouko probably counts as a yandere character. She says some pretty yandere things from time to time, especially early on, and her behaviour towards Mitsuo is certainly possessive enough.

Aside from that, though, what do my followers think?

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Hello! I have two questions! I want to make a really realistic yandere-type character, so do you have some tips on how to do that, if possible, please? Also, is Yuno Gasai an unrealistic yandere?

I… was going to write a relatively brief answer, but then it grew. Ah, well - this answer is going to need a title. ^^;

I’m not an expert in writing, by any means, but I hope this post will be useful.

How to create realistic yandere characters (and why Yuno probably isn’t one)

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I’ve waited almost an entire year to post this. ^^;
Happy pi approximation day!
- Amy

I’ve waited almost an entire year to post this. ^^;

Happy pi approximation day!

- Amy

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Are you no longer doing this series? It's been a year...

Oh. Um… Well. ^^; It seems like the situation is sufficiently dire that I can’t even really tell which series you’re referring to.

There are loads of little series that I haven’t updated for a while. Yandere Squared is one of them, of course, but there are also things like Yandere in 100 Words, or the Yandere Notebook project, or My Girlfriend is a Yandereologist, or… The Components of a Yandere series, if anyone even remembers that.

I don’t have a set update plan for any of them, but it’ll be a while before I’m likely to update most of them.

- The webcomic might still gain the occasional strip, but they’ll probably be few and far between.

- Yandere in 100 Words will be updated whenever I get an interesting enough idea.

- I got stuck at one particular part of the plot of the Notebooks, so it’ll take a bit of research before I can continue it.

- I’ve actually written quite a bit more for MGY, so I can actually just find a place to trim the chapter and work on its continuation (and eventual ending) separately.

- As for Components, I really have no idea.

In the meantime, I have a couple of answers to questions to ponder, as well. Please excuse any delays. ^^;

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Wait, there was a yandere convention!?

…So I remembered what these kinds of events were called, and with a bit of Googling, I found that yandere conventions have actually happened.

It’s referred to as “Yaminabe (やみなべ)”, or “Diseased Pan/Pot/Other similar cooking container” with variations; the most recent one appears to have been in 2012 and was called “Yaminabe Party”. There have been at least 5 of them so far.

It’s hard to find details, but it’s good to know that these have actually been done before. I wonder if it’s feasible to do something similar in the English-speaking community…

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Is Tokisaki Kurumi from Date A Live can be considered as yandere?

Kurumi seems to be more of a mayadere - a character who initially attempts to kill the one who later becomes a love interest (and thus increases their survival rate).

It can be easy to mix the two up, because the “modern” forms of both tend to alternate between sweetness and violent tendencies. However, you can usually tell the difference by seeing whether they become more dangerous to the love interest as their relationship deepens, or less.

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Western Yandere films

I always thought Christine (1983) was an excellent film.  Think about the objects you interact with a daily basis and have come to depend on.  And how they feel about you?  The sentimental values toward inanimate objects is something that was explored before, but not so much now, I don’t think.

(Thanks for submitting! Hmm, I’ve heard of this one before - the idea of an object having a will seems to recur quite often, but it’s usually only when the object is a doll or something that it turns out to be yandere. It seems quite novel for it to be a car, instead. -Amy)

Other western yandere film recommendations

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Any recommendations regarding yandere in western films?

I haven’t watched many myself, to be honest, but I’ve heard from a fellow yandere fan that Misery is good. Aside from that, I found Coraline quite charming.

Oh, and there’s always Titanic.

…Yeah, I didn’t notice it myself, but it seems like it counts. ^^;

Does anyone else have any recommendations?


Recommendation for Christine

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Why is Saya rated so low on the checklist? Personally I feel that she is the most extreme example available and is only limited compared to say, Yuno, by the length and writing of the visual novel.

(Link to checklist in question, for the convenience of other readers)

Saya is pretty yandere, but she doesn’t appear to do many of the stereotypical yandere things - which, as you can probably tell, a large part of the checklist is based on. That’s why Yuno can score so highly - she is, for most intents and purposes, a caricature. Any character who isn’t meant to be a caricature inevitably scores lower, sometimes much lower.

(This happens to be the same reason people complain about many portrayals of mental illness in fiction, even if they’re “accurate” - the character might appear to be using the Wikipedia page as a checklist, and thus give the impression of being an exaggeration, of being defined by their mental illness. There are little tips and tricks that can be used to avoid making a Wikipedia Character, I’m sure, but for now I only know how to do it the hard way.)

Of course, there’s also the fact that we don’t spend any time in her perspective - only the perspectives of the humans who interact with her. We never see what she thinks, only what she does. (It would be entirely possible, I suppose, to argue that everything she did was just a ruse to make Fuminori fall in love with her - but she’d have no reason to keep it up beyond a certain point in the True End. That particular scene is our strongest piece of evidence, even if we could argue that it was mere pity.)

Aside from that, the sheer proliferation of caricatured yandere works (Yandere no Onna no Ko, especially) makes Saya no Uta seem a little un-yandere in comparison. It’s a bit like how, when you get too used to drinking overbrewed tea, normal tea tastes almost like water.

…Now, wouldn’t it be interesting if it turned out that the entire problem with Saya is that she was given yandere stories to read? She, does, after all, have some pretty stereotypical lines. I’m sure that if she’d encountered Mirai Nikki early on…

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hi!! if you don't mind, i kinda need some help. see, i plan on writing a story soon, and the love interest character i have in mind is a male yandere. cool, right? thing is. uh. i've never actually written or roleplayed a yandere before, and i'm afraid that instead of writing him like a proper yandere, i'll end up writing him like a stereotypical one, and that's not what i want. do you have any advice or resources on how to write a yandere type of character? itd be a big help!!!

It’s great that you have a yandere story planned - always good to see new writers approaching the subject!

Now, I’m far from a professional-level writer - I wouldn’t even call myself “good”, just “good enough for my purposes” - but maybe there are things I’ve thought of that are worth sharing, whether because they’re useful or because you won’t really find them elsewhere.

Hmm, let’s see…

Amy-sensei’s tips on writing a yandere character

This set of tips is going to be quite thought-heavy to act on, for the most part - the bit at the end after “other tips” is quick and easy, but everything above it is going to require a lot more thought than most other character creation guides you’ll run into. Feel free to skip ahead.

(Well, yandere stories tend to be almost entirely driven by the yandere character, after all, so it’s probably worthwhile.)


The most important thing to remember (and one of the easiest things to forget when writing about an insane character) is to think of your character as a mind. Your character isn’t just an appearance and a bundle of actions. Your character has perception. Your character has thoughts. Your character has thoughts about their own thoughts, which is often the fun part.

(You don’t have to write out the perceptions and thoughts directly - and it tends to be a bad idea unless you’re writing from their point-of-view - but they should show through in your character’s words and actions. Maybe they will say them outright, or lie a little (or a lot), or even just keep them to themselves. You’ll probably have different proportions of each, depending on what your character’s personality is like.)

Anyway, let’s look at how these might work with yandere.

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Welcome to the blog accompaniment to Yandere Squared, the 4-koma series!

This is a blog about all things yandere. You can find a bunch of original and collected yandere stories and poems here - about 60 in total - as well as original, collected and/or translated articles and essays on yandere.